Manchip3Media helps to keep plastics out of the sea



Secure waste destruction specialistManchip3Media (M3Media)has geared up for further growth by installing a new shredding system.

The DIN66399 certifiedUNTHA RS30shredder will make light work of the old-format media that M3Media is processing on behalf of key customers including Sky, the BBC and Channel 4. Capable of tackling thousands of tapes per day, the machine promises to recoup both environmental and financial benefits for the operator.

M3Media’s over-arching mission is to help combat the estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic that end up in the world’s oceans every year. The firm offers a confidential waste handling service for all media ranging from physical tapes to modern data storage devices.

The decommissioning of these products provides clients with peace of mind that secure or protected footage will never end up in the public domain, whilst also ensuring the ethical processing of the ‘waste’ materials. Following destruction, even the media cases are granulated by M3Media for recycling into products such as Lego.

Commenting on his purchasing decision, M3Media’s managing director Toby Manchip said: “I knew we needed a robust solution with proven media and data destruction capabilities. As soon as I found the RS30 and spoke to the team’s confidential waste experts, I made my choice. This technology ticks all the boxes – operational simplicity, high throughputs, precision particle sizing, customer support services, justifiable capital outlay and minimal wear costs”

Interestingly, the new RS30 is not the only UNTHA machine in operation at M3Media’s HQ. Some time ago Toby procured a used S20 shredder which he recently discovered was the oldest working example of UNTHA kit in the country.

He continues: “If we wanted any proof that our new UNTHA shredder will stand the test of time, the continuing functionality of this classic asset gives us all the evidence we need. We love the fact that we’re now running both the oldest UNTHA machine in the UK, and one of the newest. Between them they’re handling new and old media too, so there’s something symbiotic about this story.”

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