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Mango Ltd. drops EHS compliance software into Japan


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Mango Ltd, the leading provider of Internet-based, on-demand systems for the management and automation of quality, environmental, and health & safety compliance, and Bplats, Inc. a Japanese Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace have entered into a formal partnership to provide Bplats and many of its clients with a real time, online management tool for quality, environmental and health & safety compliance.

The new partnership provides Bplats Inc. the ability to market Mango within Japan and to expand services for the clients it currently serves in the technology, manufacturing, and IT sectors.

Mango, the market leader in online compliance solutions, whose platform is currently accessed by over 3,000 users worldwide, adds an exceptional company to its partnership program. With a unique combination of SaaS expertise, deep experience in marketing new technologies, and a long commitment to sustainability practices, Bplats Inc. will help Mango extend its market reach into a new territory with relationships in the high technology and IT sectors of Japan.

“This represents a significant step towards Mango's goal of increasing brand awareness in Asia and is our second international reseller to come onboard within the past six months, the first being stationed in Singapore.” International sales manager Donovan Johnson says 'We've been looking for partners across the world, in particular Asia and Australasia and we're very happy to welcome the experienced team at Bplats into our reseller network'.

'We're also very happy to be entering the quality conscious market of Japan and expect to learn a lot over the coming months to truly focus our application towards markets where quality compliance is held with an extremely high regard.'

The Mango System is an Internet-based service that centrally manages in real-time areas such as quality and environmental compliance, and health & safety management among many others, dramatically lowering costs and improving operational efficiency. Because the platform is based on the software as a service (SaaS) model, no additional software or hardware installations are required on the customer's end keeping costs extremely low and allowing customers to realize a faster return on investment. The core benefit to users of Mango is the ability to cut down on the time spent administrating compliance.

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