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MANTECH helps drive hydrogen electrolyser research forward…..


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Scientists at ITM Power in Sheffield rely on an automated MANTECH system to measure the conductivity, fluoride content and pH of the water used in their electrolysers. Eleanor Wallace, Senior Analytical Chemist at ITM Power, explained: “Electrolysers generate hydrogen by the electrolysis of water, and we are looking at ways of improving this process. Ultrapure water is essential, as impurities in the water affect the separation membrane in the electrolyser, decreasing its efficiency. If changes are made to an electrolyser, for example if a different material is used, it is important to make sure that the water quality is maintained and that no impurities have been introduced. To do this, we test water samples throughout the cell’s lifespan, monitoring conductivity, fluoride content and pH.”

“Previously, measurements were performed manually, which was very time consuming and also had the potential for human error. With the MANTECH system, everything is automated and so much quicker. Fluoride analysis alone used to take 10 minutes per sample, but with the MANTECH system we can measure pH, conductivity and fluoride in just 7.5 minutes, including rinsing times. Results are more reproducible, and we can analyse more samples than before, running overnight if necessary. We simply calibrate the system, start the run and walk away.”

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