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Manual Hydraulic Press ranked in top 0.1% of SelectScience products


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Specac Atlas Manual Hydraulic Presses have been recognized with a Silver Seal of Quality, putting them in the top 0.1% of all products on the SelectScience® website when it comes to customer feedback.

Cited from SelectScience®.

This is an excerpt from SelectScience®'s recent editorial piece on our Manual Hydraulic Press reaching new heights of user approval, attaining the Silver Seal of Quality. 75 reviews with an average of at least 4.2 stars is required to reach these heights, the Specac Press has 83 reviews. This puts it 17 away from getting Gold.

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The Manual Hydraulic Press is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use piece of sample preparation equipment. It is built using premium materials and has been a staple of analytical and quality control environments around the world. This is why the impartial reviews on SelectScience® are so full of praise for the hydraulic device.

Recent review highlights of the Manual Hydraulic Press

'I still use this hydraulic press after two years'

I'm using this equipment to synthesis and analysis many compounds and alloys, and I got good pressing of it. I've used this hydraulic press for two years.

Application area: Manufacturing of compounds and alloys

14 December 2017

'Great press, easy to use'

This press is better than the other ones I've used--you need a lot less pumps to get the proper pressure. Also the circular markings on the hydraulic stand makes it easy to center the dyes.

Application area: Synthesis of solid-state samples in pellets

13 December 2017

'Easy to use, Excellent support'

The manual press was easy to use. I have been using it for more than six years now and it never failed to help me in the IR spectroscopy... I have contacted the technical support two times till now and they were of a great help.

Application area: Pharmaceuticals

13 December 2017

'Really excellent, one of its kind product'

...Very sturdy, does what is advertised and is a one-of-its-kind product. So overall very happy.

Application area: Operando catalysis

12 December 2017

'Great results and long lasting'

Very simple to use and reliable. If it was a bit cheaper that would make it more competitive

Application area: Batteries, infrared, hydrogen storage materials, metal alloys, ceramics, electrodes, chemistry, mate

12 December 2017

'Compact, efficient, and reliable'

Hydraulic press works like a dream. I use the press in conjunction with the heating platens to melt press ion exchange materials together. In the past I had used a muffle furnace and a C-clamp to do this and I had to make 5-10 samples to get 1 good sample. With the press the prepared membranes work nearly every time with much greater control over the experimental conditions.

The machine is very easy to use the one thing I would change it add an indicator for the maximum pressure release. It made my life as a graduate student so much easier, as it gave me a facile and repeatable method for processing my materials. I give tours to perspective students and I always say that the press is the only machine on campus that will work every time you use it.

Application area: Processing of polymeric membranes

11 December 2017

'Great product'

It is easy to use and performed as expected. It can be used for many purposes such as FTIR pellet preparation, XPS sample pellet preparations and other sample processing with pressure.

Application area: nanocomposites

11 December 2017

'Very good'

'It is easy to use, and very safe to protect the user when handling the machine.'

Application area: press tablet for infrared spectroscopy

11 December 2017

'Quick and simple to use!'

'The press is simple and easy to use. Perfect for the lab environment.'

Application area: Solid State Chemistry - Pressing Green Powder

11 December 2017

Flat smooth surface produce good results in ion beam analysis

'The equipment is effective to prepare stable pellets'

Application area: Nuclear Microscopy, Ion beam analysis

11 December 2017

'Very useful and reliable piece of equipment'

Very good quality piece of equipment. Made the job much more efficient.

Application area: Removing metal discs from metal components for SEM analysis

11 December 2017

'Can't live without this instrument'

Really effective, Made my life much easier. Helps press solid disks for XPS and other techniques

Application area: Functionalized solid phases

11 December 2017

'Excellent Product, Good value for money'

It shows/ replicates the exact conditions as in the printing hall, moisture and humid conditions along with the temperature selection.

Application area: Analysis in Printing Ink

8 November 2017

'Very good instrument and robust performance'

Its manual press is very good instrument and robust performance . It makes good pellet sample for FT-IR transmission anlaysis. All of FT-IR instrument users can use this manual press for sampling. Also, we can use the hot press&film maker option for polymer samples with this press.

Application area: FT-IR analysis for powder sample

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