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Manual Hydraulic Press ranked in top 0.1% of SelectScience® products


Source: Specac Limited

Specac Atlas Manual Hydraulic Presses have been recognized with a Silver Seal of Quality, putting them in the top 0.1% of all products on the SelectScience® website when it comes to customer feedback.

This is an excerpt from SelectScience®'s recent editorial piece on our Manual Hydraulic Press reaching new heights of user approval, attaining the Silver Seal of Quality. 75 reviews with an average of at least 4.2 stars is required to reach these heights, the Specac Press has 83 reviews. This puts it 17 away from getting Gold.

The Manual Hydraulic Press is a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use piece of sample preparation equipment. It is built using premium materials and has been a staple of analytical and quality control environments around the world. This is why the impartial reviews on SelectScience® are so full of praise for the hydraulic device.

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