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Manual Spill Barrier and Flood Barrier - BL/BED - Cover multiple requirements with one product.


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BL-BED, a stationary BLOBEL Spill Control Barrier System, is designed to contain Leaks, Chemical Spills, Oil Spills, Sprinkler Water and Contaminated Fire Fighting Water. The Spill Barriers are usually installed in front of doors, drive throughs, gates or other openings. By sealing these areas, liquid hazardous materials are prevented from spreading beyond the immediate room or area.

The Spill Barrier is comprised of a trapezoidal integral hollow aluminium profiled body with special mounting and tensioning devices to ensure easy operation. A compressible and highly adaptable special seal is affixed to the lower side and end faces, enabling sealing of crack free surfaces with up to 20 mm (± 10 mm) of floor/ground unevenness. Concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc are handled with ease. The standard Spill Barrier and Flood Barrier retention height can vary form 150 – 500 mm.

Typical sites of installation of Spill Barriers and Flood Barriers are warehouses, hazardous goods storage areas and production facilities. In the event of an emergency, doors, gates and passageways are sealed and containment is thus ensured. With BLOBEL Spill Barrier and Flood Barrier BL/BED, expensive equipment and materials are also protected from flash flooding and heavy rain, generated by storms.

At the cutting edge is the sealing technology based on a very flexible, highly chemical-resistant and flame-retardant (DIN4102-B1) foam material and BLOBEL’s overall demands placed on safety. The barrier can be installed without restriction in any fireproof zone.

Installing BLOBEL Spill Barriers and Flood Barriers eliminates the need for ramps, drive over bunds or berms at doorways and other openings. Easy and safe day to day operation is ensured.


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