Manufacturing calculators from recycled photocopier parts

Canon Canada is multiplying its environmentally-friendly offerings by adding recycled calculators to its EcoSense line. The Canon Green Calculator Line is made up of five calculator models manufactured with materials taken from recycled photocopiers. The calculators are all solar powered, come with packaging and instructions printed on recycled paper and use mercury-free lithium batteries.

The eco-friendly devices will be available in Canada starting in February.

The company previously unveiled a line of EcoSense printers in August 2007. The printers, all Energy Star-compliant, came with features that made it easier for consumers and businesses to save money, paper and materials: a 3W standby mode, two-sided printing, individual ink tanks and recyclable ink cartridges.

Canon Canada, a subsidiary of Canon USA, created its Clean Earth Campaign in 1990, laying out guidelines for workplace conservation and recycling as well as providing direction for environmental philanthropy and volunteering.

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