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P & G Selects World Water Works

On February 1, 2008 Procter & Gamble (Mehoopany, PA) awarded World Water Works, Inc. a contract to supply two (2) www/Resource RSP-13L Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems rated at 4,700 GPM each.  These units themselves will be constructed of polypropylene using World Water Works, Inc. proprietary welding technology.  The Resource systems also feature the Nikuni dissolved air technology.  P&G and others have used the Nikuni technology to upgrade existing DAFs to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.  These systems will be delivered in July, 2008.  On March 10, 2008 Procter & Gamble ordered a third RSP-13L DAF System.

DAFs for High Rate Activated Sludge system ship

World Water Works recently shipped two (2) RSP-6L Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems to a cheese plant in California.  These units will serve as the means for clarification and will produce the RAS line for a High Rate Activated Sludge (HRAS) system.  The high flow wastestream is quite variable, highly concentrated with organics and calcium.  These properties created challenges for more traditional treatment approaches.  The HRAS->DAF design provided a cost effective solution that was put to the test through extensive pilot testing in 2007.  Startup is scheduled for April.

Startup Month

World Water Works is looking forward to a busy April with a dozen major systems scheduled to go online during the month.   

  • Bakery Facility, Maryland
  • Beverage Manufacturer, New Jersey
  • Cheese Plant, California
  • Dairy, Arizona
  • Dairy, Colorado
  • Dairy, Kansas
  • Meat Packing, Iowa
  • Municipal, Washington
  • Pharmaceutical Facility, Mexico
  • Potato Chip, Pennsylvania
  • Poultry, Vancouver
  • Salad Dressing Plant, California

Thanks to all for your business.  We look forward to continuing a long mutually beneficial relationship.

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