Market Size of LT / HT Motor used in Agriculture, India


Motors are the primary source of Power for Indian industry, Consumer appliances and Pumpsets used inAgriculture. It is estimated that Motors consume about 60% of all energy in India. Indian manufacturing of Motors started more than 100 years ago, and today includes, from large MNCs to small scale industries Market size of LT & HT Motors in India is approximately around INR 5,800 Crs, which is expected to grow at healthy rate of over 12-14% in next 5 years. HT Motor segment expected grow at higher percentagesthan LT motors.Over 80 players present in the LT & HT motors segment in India.Around 20 players present in the HT Motor segment, mainly dominated by organized players. Unorganised players mainly present in the LT Motors segment.Organised players market share is around 75 to 80% &rest with the unorganized players. Over 80% of the HT Motors market catered by BHEL, CG, ABB & Alstom. In HT Motors fast moving farme sizes includes : 355, 400, 450 , 500, 560, 630, 710, 800. Imports mainly for higher KW rating Motors. Imports mainly from China, Korea, Germany, Russia, UK, Brazil & Japan. Imports preferred for very high rating motors which is not manufactured in India.Around 70 % market is from OEM’s & rest with direct customers. 

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Stake holders involved in the industry includes direct Suppliers, End users, Dealers/ Agents, OEM’s, Consultants. Consultants are the key influencers in the industry for High rating motors. Key consultants include - EIL, Mecon, UHDE, TCE, PDIL, DCL, DES, CE, Desin, MN Dastur, NTPC, DCPL. End user segments include - Key End use segment Power Generation, Fertilizer & Chemical, Cement, Steel & Metal, Mining, Refineries, Petrochemical, Non-ferrous Industries, Sugar, Paper & Pulp, Wind Farms , Water & Waste water projects, Appliances, Agriculture, Commercial,etc,. Key OEM’s include – compressors,Pumps, ID &FD Fans, Compressors, Crushers& Cutters,Blowers,Ball Mill/ Raw Mill, Material Handling equipment, Mixtures andAgitators& others.

Key Questions Answered

  • ƒ What is the total market size of Motors market (High Tension and Low Tension)?
  • ƒ How has the market grown over the years and likely to grow over the coming years?
  • ƒ Which company is the market leader and which company is emerging as a challenger?
  • ƒ What are the challenges faced by the industry?
  • ƒ Is there room for new company to enter this market?
  • ƒ What are the industry best practices?
  • ƒ Customer preferences criteria’s - quality or low price?
  • ƒ Which strategy is better to enter?
  • ƒ Which company to invest in as an investor?
  • ƒ How companyAis different to company B?
  • ƒ Industry usage and purchase practice?
  • ƒ What’s the best strategy to gain market share – Volume approach or niche 

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