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Marketing IAQ, EH&S and Environmental Certifications to Raise the Bar


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The founder of Cochrane & Associate provides tips on marketing professional certifications to elevate the industry.

Phoenix, AZ, May 22nd, 2012 -- Many highly qualified professionals in the indoor air quality, environmental, or health and safety industries, have obtained prestigious certifications from renowned industry organizations at some point in their careers.  Many took this step in order to better market their services to potential clients by using a certification acronym after your name.


Chances are, the strategy worked, at least some of the time.  After all, the average person who sees a designation after a professional’s name naturally assumes that the professional has expertise in his or her field.   This is good news for many, especially if they worked hard to obtain that certification. 


It is just as likely, however, that potential clients may have no idea what the designation means.  In fact, they may not be able to distinguish an accredited certification from one of those so-called credentials pumped out by the “certification mill” down the street – the one where people pay a fee, take a short course and walk away, certificate in hand.


Certification mills don’t answer to anyone, so there is no way to verify the quality of their programs.  While some offer good courses, others are outright frauds.  Worst of all, to an uneducated consumer, a certification acronym from a certification mill may look just as impressive as the acronym of a true accredited certification program.


A recent survey of highly educated professionals outside the environmental industry asked respondents whether they recognized a variety of certification acronyms.  Just about everyone recognized CPA (Certified Public Accountant), PE (Professional Engineer) and a few others, but almost nobody could place the acronyms of this industry’s most prestigious certifications.


What this means is that if one want their customers to recognize and understand their certifications, they will have to educate those customers.


Luckily, this is fairly easy to do in the internet age.  One can publish their certification name and acronym on a company website along with marketing collateral that explains the certification and its extensive requirements.  Certificant holders may also include information about the certifying body that administers their certification program.  This kind of information will distinguish their accredited certification from those printed by the “certification mills.”


“With a little attention and the right marketing strategy, you can help consumers recognize your hard earned accredited certification,” reported Paul Cochrane, President of Cochrane Associates and the IAQ Video Network.  “When they do, your certification can really go to work for you.”


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