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Marketing the CSHM Certification to Educate and Inform Human Resources Professionals

Marketing the Institute for Safety and Health Management’s (ISHM) CSHM certification can play an important role in protecting workers.

Yuma, AZ, June 11th, 2012 -- Safety management is a critical role in today’s complex business environment.  Companies that employ, or contract with consultants to fill this important position, often rely on human resources (HR) professionals to select candidates to fill this important position.


These same HR professionals may be responsible for the hiring of dozens or more positions within a company along with their normal daily duties.  With many of these people being tasked with so many responsibilities it’s important for organizations like the ISHM to educate them about people who have earned the prestigious Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) certification.


For people who have obtained CSHM certification it is also to their benefit to do all they can to make sure that people in hiring positions recognize the CSHM designation and the level of professionalism it stands for.  Some professionals who work within the HR field may not have heard of the CSHM.  If this is the case, it may be up to the certificant holder to educate those hiring for critical safety management positions.


Fortunately, this is fairly easy to do in the internet age.  People can publish their certification name and acronym on a company website or professional listing on social media and professional networking websites along with marketing collateral that explains the certification and its extensive requirements.  Certificant holders should also include information about the ISHM that administers the certification program.   


“At the ISHM we have implemented a number of initiatives to increase awareness of the CSHM and ASHM certifications,” reported Larry Curtis, CSHM, Executive Director of ISHM.  “ISHM has increased its internet presence with a growing website, social media, press releases and even online educational videos.  If all of the CSHM and ASHM certificant holders also worked towards marketing their hard earned certifications we can reach that many more people.  Working together to reach decision makers, the ISHM and those who have demonstrated their level of professionalism and knowledge by achieving the CSHM or ASHM designations can increase their marketability while ensuring workers are being managed by true safety management professionals,” he continued.


To learn more about the CSHM, ASHM or the Institute for Safety and Health Management, please visit, email or call (877) 201-4053.


About the Institute for Safety and Health Management

The Institute for Safety and Health Management is the premier credentialing organization founded to promote the establishment of standards and recognition of safety and risk management professionals.  Through the ISHM’s certification programs, Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) and Associates Safety Health Manager (ASHM), it promotes the advancement of safety management through the application of management principles and the integration of safety into all levels and activities of management.

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