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Markets for Sustainable Developments and Environmental Technologies with high growth driven by climate change


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Globalization puts pressure on companies and countries. New technologies like nanotechnologies and molecular science more important than laws.

The worldmarkets for sustainable technologies will attain 5 trillion US Dollar by 2020 from 1.6 trillion today. This include enviromental technologies and renewable energies with 1.2 trillion US Dollar in 2020 from today 616 billion. The highest growth rates are in China with over 15 percent per year from a low level today.The growth of efficiency is between 0.5 and 2 percent per year depending on the country.

Europe account for 20 percent and US for 15 percent with low growth rates and Asia account for 12 percent with high growth rates. Increasing water and health problems from scarcity, pollution and contamination are the key driving factors for the markets worldwide beside of the climate change and energy prices. These are the results of a new study by helmut kaiser consultancy.

This business is a global business with fiercer local competition and goverment funding.

By 2020 more then 10 million people can find a job in these markets.

There is a strong trend towards economical solutions and new technologies but ' end of pipe technologies ' will still account for 60 percent by 2020, 'additive and integrated technologies' account for 20 percent and ' zero emission' only for 9 percent.

Environmental industry is a highly technology and innovation related industrial branch. Biotechnology and nanotechnology will play dominating roles in the development of this industry. The vulnerable environment of earth, water, air and energy, as well as the soaring world population, demands efficient, safe, and cost reasonable technologies to deal with waste, hazardous materials, cleaning and so on. Environmental industry, together with other industries such as food, water, energy, sustainability, is indispensible for the constitution of a high-quality living space in the 21st Century.

The ideal of environmental technology is zero-emission. All the waste will be sorted and transformed into useful materials in the recycling plants, technologies with no emissions or low emissions  and technologies to reduce energy and raw materials. This will be the fast gowing markets after 2020 when more and more matter can be manipulated on the molecular level.  Nevertheless the market is just at the start.

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