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Markham Brook outfall protected with WaStop


Source: Wapro AB

Difficult installation locations puts many off installing check valves. WaStop thrives in these conditions and rises to the challenge. At Markham Brook WaStop provided a bespoke flange for quick and easy installation ensuring low installation costs and 100% back flow protection.

A 1200DN WaStop was designed by  with a specially shaped flange to fit the ‘snug shaped’ existing headwall. Insufficient headwall space meant the installation of a flap valve or duckbill valve would have involved increased civils to the structure or additional product design. For security a metal grill also designed and supplied a which prevents tampering and increases site health and safety. This WaStop was fitted and tested in a few short hours, providing Markham Brook outfall with a robust non-return valve preventing backflow and reducing local flood risk.

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