Mary Pat Higley Encourages Safe Disposal of Prescription Meds


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Studies Show That Prescription Medication Disposal Has Negatively Impacted the Environment; Mary Pat Higley Encourages Consumers to Find Safer Ways to Throw Away Unused Pharmaceuticals

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 10/11/12 -- FOX news reports that, whether taken or flushed, prescription medications that find their way into the water supply negatively impact the environment. According to the article: 'Over the years that practice has taken its toll on wildlife, including fish with three eyes and two sets of reproductive organs, according to some studies.' Mary Pat Higley, a pharmacy professional, believes that the key to eliminating such issues is to develop new disposal processes that keep pharmaceuticals out of the water supply.

While the experts have insisted that flushing unwanted medications has yet to impact the human population, they are worried that, without an intervention, the damage may impact citizens of cities that have tainted water supplies.

While there is currently no official disposal procedure, there is a kit that has been introduced to the market. This kit is designed for home use and neutralizes prescriptions. Users can put up to 45 pills or six ounces of liquid into a black plastic bag that contains warm water and a special substance. When the contents are mixed, the bag is sealed and disposed of in the trash.

An alternative method, notes the article, is to put prescriptions into a container with cat litter or coffee grounds.

Mary Pat Higley believes that it is crucial to establish an official disposal procedure, as the ongoing issue of medication disposal could impact public health. Although experts say that humans have yet to be harmed by the practice of flushing unwanted medications, she cites the aforementioned mutations in fish as proof positive that it is time to develop a new method of disposal for potentially harmful pharmaceuticals.

'Disposal of prescription and non-prescription, or over-the-counter, medication is becoming a national problem,' states Mary Pat Higley. 'Alternatives to flushing medications down the plumbing or putting them in landfills need to be found that are free, safe, and convenient for people to use so that they will dispose of medications safely. If these solutions are not found and adopted, medication will continue to accumulate in our drinking water and, ultimately, harm humans.'

Mary Pat Higley encourages individuals who need to dispose of a prescription medication to seek out the neutralizing kits. Additionally, she recommends that individuals ask their pharmacists about prescription disposal.


A clinical pharmacist, Mary Pat Higley has built a noteworthy career that combines scientific knowledge with business insight. With over 30 years of experience, Mary Pat Higley has developed a professional acumen that encompasses clinical pharmacy, project marketing, sales and marketing, and clinical research. Mary Pat Higley is dedicated to improving patient care and helping to enhance national health. To meet these objectives, she has joined the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and the American Society of Hospital Pharmacy.

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