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Maryland Scientists Identify High Rates of Dangerous Bacteria Growth in Infected Patient Rooms


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The infectious disease control experts at Sussex Environmental Health Consultants help medical facilities identify and prevent HAIs.

Lewes, DE, November 14th, 2011 -- Scientists from the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine recently conducted research into the presence of multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (MDR-AB) in patient rooms in medical facilities.  The research was published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC).


Researchers found that MDR-AB was present in the environment of 48% of the rooms of patients infected or colonized by the pathogen.  The scientists sampled 50 rooms inhabited by patients with a history of MDR-AB infections.  Ten surface samples were collected from each room from such locations as door knobs, nurse call buttons and other commonly touched locations.  The surprisingly high frequency of MDR-AB demonstrates the importance of proactive testing, sanitation and disinfection procedures used in healthcare facilities. 


Acinetobacter is a group of bacteria commonly found in soil and water. While there are many types of Acinetobacter, Acinetobacter baumannii accounts for about 80% of reported human infections.  Outbreaks of Acinetobacter infections typically occur in intensive care units and healthcare settings housing very ill patients.  These infections rarely occur outside of healthcare settings.


Sussex Environmental Health Consultants, LLC (SEHC), is an environmental, health and safety consulting firm located in Delaware that has the expertise to help hospitals and healthcare facilities tackle environmental conditions that can allow for the spread of these dangerous pathogens.  “Acinetobacter can live on the skin and may survive in the environment for several days,” stated Susan White, Ph.D., CMC, President of SEHC.    “Infection control issues in hospitals can be impacted by a host of indoor environmental conditions.  Surface sanitation and indoor air quality, or IAQ, is a crucial environmental concern when you have people with weakened immune systems.  SEHC can play a critical role in monitoring conditions, sampling the air and surfaces, as well as suggesting corrective actions,” she continued.


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  1. By Sarha Patel on

    I wonder, in a situation like a hospital where constant disinfection is difficult, would it be worth it to bring in an indoor air quality firm? We brought Decon Pro Green into our hotel because guests were complaining about smoke odors. One of the pleasant side effects of eliminating the smoke odors was that Decon also killed off large amounts of bacteria and fungi from the air and from the building. Maybe this kind of thing can be used to make hospitals safer and cleaner. Any thoughts?