MAS “CDF” Continuous Disc Filtration System


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Minimal Polymer Loss with Maximum Contaminant Removal

Charlotte, NC -- The MAS Continuous Disc Filtration, also known as the ¡§CDF¡¨, is a revolutionary adaptive melt filtration system which can be easily integrated into any current extrusion line that is in need of superior contaminant removal. The innovative CDF boasts many advantages over other continuous filters available today:

  • Common Impurities- The CDF removes up to 5% of soft contaminants such as Wood, Paper, Aluminum, Rubber and non-melting Polymers efficiently and continually.
  • HUGE Filtration Surface- The CDF is available in 4 sizes to accommodate a full range of capacity from as little as 300Kg/h, to as much as 6,000Kg/h (polymer and finesse dependent). The largest CDF, the CDF500DP, boasts a massive filtration surface of 4x 1,825cm2 (4 x 510mm filtration discs). The discs are made from Hardened steel and can be reused multiple times after cleaning.
  • Automatic Melt Pressure Disc Control- The CDF features an automatic melt pressure disc control system. This melt pressure control automatically increases the disc rotation speed as well as the knife scraper pressure as needed to keep a stable melt pressure. This increased melt pressure stability has shown to increase current extruder capacity greatly.
  • Independent Auger Screw- A huge advantage of the CDF is that the discharge screw and the rotating disc work independently of each other. This allows the CDF and Screw to be set at different RPMs. This results in a massive advantage of minimal polymer loss and maximum contaminant discharge. In most cases we have measured
  • Stationary Pressure Activated Scraper Design- The CDF knife scrapers are set to a fixed point on the rotating disc allowing the contaminants which are present on the disc to be immediately removed as they are brought to the knife. As a result the contaminants are not dragged across the filter screen by the knife as in other designs. The stationary knife design helps prevent the possibility of ¡§cutting¡¨ or disintegration of the contaminants.
  • Reusable Knife Design- The CDF knife/scraper is made of brass to prevent added wear to the screen during use. This brass scraper also has an added advantage as it can be easily sharpened as needed, thereby prolonging its life and needing fewer replacements.
  • Clamshell Design Ease of Use- The CDF is housed in a ¡§Clamshell¡¨ design. This ease-of-use design allows for quick and seamless filter changes. In most cases a well-trained operator can change the screens in the smaller CDF in as few as 30 minutes with the provided conventional tools.
  • Available Filter Finesse- The CDF filters are available in many configurations ranging from 90£gm to 750£gm depending on individual customer needs.
  • Vacuum Oven- MAS has released their small footprint vacuum oven which will not only be used for cleaning the Filter screens to lengthen the life but can also be used to clean other mechanical working parts of the CDF, as well as extruder dies, etc. The oven boasts a very small footprint and can easily fit into the smallest of work spaces.

Please note: All values depend on the CDF model, material processed, filtration finesse, contaminate level, melt pressure, up and down stream equipment, etc.

Visit MAS at FAKUMA in Germany from October 14 - 18, 2014, Hall A6, Stand A6-6409.

About MAS
An innovative manufacturer of plastic processing and plastic recycling equipment with a focus on high product quality and very low energy consumption, MAS¡¦ product portfolio is comprised of 3 main components for the processing and recycling of plastic: Extruders, Continuous Disc Filtration and Dry Cleaning Systems.

The unique co-rotating conical twin screw MAS Extruder - their signature product - can be used in many different recycling, re-compounding, compounding and extrusion applications.

The patented MAS CDF (Continuous Disc Filter) can be used for many recycling applications to remove up to 5% of soft contaminates like paper, wood, aluminum, etc.

The MAS Dry Cleaning System can remove many types of dirt contamination (sand, dirt etc.) from thin wall rigids, film-and fiber flakes. This equipment is an ideal system to dry and clean plastic waste. It washes without water. Whether it is used as a standalone drying and cleaning system or as a supplemental technology for existing film washing lines it will do a great cleaning and drying job.

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