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Maserati puts the squeeze on waste from car components


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With four Bramidan balers in place, the Italian car manufacturer has cleaned up its factory floor and and improved waste management handling.

Workflow improvements

Italian Maserati is legendary for its cutting-edge engineering and production of exclusive, handcrafted cars – and activity is booming at the Modena factory where many cars are produced. That means a considerable amount of cardboard and bubble wrap packaging from car components needs to be removed from the areas around the production lines.

Following the installation of four Bramidan balers that enable waste compaction at its source, Maserati has been able to tidy up the factory floor, optimise workflow and reduce the number of waste collections considerably. 

Huge waste challenge

With the baler solution recommended, Maserati could improve their waste management process. “A procedure with significant margin of improvement,” admits Maddelena Spagna, Environmental Specialist. “Especially as waste collection is subcontracted to a third party company.” Moreover the shop-floor appears more organized and cleaner.

Compaction - an eye-opener

Bramidan’s Italian distributor Scalvenzi presented vertical balers as a profitable alternative. Key installation areas were identified inside the factory in order to optimise internal logistics and employee workflow.

Maddelena Spagna is delighted. “With the support of Bramidan the initial idea to improve waste management and realize WCM concept of order and cleanliness has become reality. We were satisfied when we saw the results of the first trial. Bramidan has given us a solution that is fast, safe and efficient and gives a cleaner production area.”

For Maserati, speed and simplicity are key benefits. The balers are easy to use and don’t take up any of the factory workers’ time.

Waste collections reduced from six to one

Today, cardboard and bubble wrap are baled and thrown into a container outside the factory. Daily waste collec-tions have been reduced, generating savings on transport costs. Once compacted, the plastic and cardboard waste is also higher in value.

About Maserati

Maserati is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The Modena Plant produces famous models such as the Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio, as well as the Alfa Romeo 4C.

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