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Mass Flow based Pressure Controller demonstrated at Sensor and Test


Source: Axetris Ag

Axetris demonstrated the innovative mass flow-based pressure controller (MPC) at this year’s edition of Sensor+Test in Nuremberg, Germany.

The MPC helps OEMs combine the MEMS-based thermal mass flow technology from Axetris with pressure control in an innovative way to create an Electronic Pressure Controller (EPC) par excellence.

The innovative combination of mass flow and pressure control allow OEMs design flexibility in many applications where both flow and pressure play a critical role in achieving system performance. Typical examples for such applications are injectors in gas chromatography (GC), collision cell pressure control in mass spectrometry (MS), leak testing equipment, etc.  

Advantages Axetris MPC

• Outstanding pressure control performance compared to standard Electronic Pressure Controllers (EPCs)
• Easy integration with existing pressure sensor solutions to provide a unified control interface
• Easy configuration of control parameters (PID)
• Ultrafast response (in milliseconds)
• Switch between pressure and flow control modes
• Absolute flow reading

Contact the Axetris team of application experts to know more about how Axetris can help you solve your flow control challenges.

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