Massachusetts division ecological restoration contract extension


Woods Hole Group announces its contract has been extended with the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration (DER), extending its integral role in the state\'s wetland restoration efforts. The Cape Cod-based company has been working as a consultant with the DER for several years to restore and protect the Commonwealth\'s rivers, wetlands, and watersheds. The extension ensures Woods Hole Group will help to preserve and restore the state\'s ecological habitats until 2013, with two potential one-year renewal options through 2015.

Woods Hole Group has worked on many projects with the DER developing in-house models unique to various cities and towns, allowing for more refined restoration plans and longer term adaptive management.

From designing hydraulic structures that regulate the flow of rainfall, to restoring tidal flow to the Mayo Creek Salt Marsh in Wellfleet, MA., and to assessing potential restoration plans following a catastrophic flood in Salisbury, MA., Woods Hole Group is committed to programs that meet society's infrastructure needs while ensuring longterm environmental sustainability.

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