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Indonesia’s coal industry is dominating the Asian market, and estimates for 2007 predict that between, 149-183 million tonnes of coal will be exported to the world wide market. Across Asia the demand for coal is growing rapidly, especially in growing economies such as China, India, Malaysia and South Korea. This has resulted in Indonesian coal exporters taking advantage of the high demand for coal and expanding their businesses. Coal exporters also have to understand that product quality is just as important as quantity, as the coal must be clean and free from ferrous contamination.

Master Magnets Ltd have a customer who is one of the largest coal exporters in Indonesia, and they have been taking advantage of the high demand for coal over recent years. Their terminal receives coal by barge from the mine sites, and they are one of a few bulk coal terminals in Kalimantan, Indonesia, that are capable of loading directly to vessels.

But back in 2001 they faced other problems besides quantity, as their coal was occasionally contaminated with ferrous materials that came from mining machinery, such as drill bits, rods, loader teeth and etc. This resulted in them seeking a reliable magnet supplier to provide solutions to this problem.

After searching the internet for various magnetic separator manufacturers, they came across a UK based company that was capable of providing magnetic separators specifically designed for coal processing applications. Master Magnets Ltd is situated in the heart of England near Birmingham, and they have been supplying magnetic separation equipment for coal processing applications for the past 30 years.

After the Indonesian company had explored the Master Magnets website, they sent Master Magnets an enquiry. In the enquiry they gave Master Magnets details of the application. They required a magnet that was capable of;

• Operating across a 1600mm wide belt with a belt speed of 4.7m/s (metres per second),
• Extracting ferrous from a burden depth of 250-300mm of coal
• Operating at the throughput rate of 2500 TPH (Tonnes Per Hour)
• Working efficiently at an ambient temperature of 30-40 °C in tropical weather with heavy rain during the wet season.

The Terminal was then provided with a detailed quotation suggesting that an Electro Suspension Magnet should meet their requirements listed above, and allow them to efficiently extract ferrous contamination from the coal supply line. The suspension magnet recommended was capable of operating across a 1600mm wide conveyor belt, and produces in excess of 540 gauss. The Magnet recommended also has a special design which means that it is capable of operating continuously at the temperature of 30-40 °C. This should allow the terminal to produce 2500 TPH.

Electro Suspension Magnets are generally suspended above a conveyor with sling chains giving correct angle incline with the conveyor. An electro suspension magnet can be de-energized and repositioned away from the conveyor belt to allow for cleaning the magnet. As the magnet only needs to extract the occasional tramp ferrous it doesn’t require constant cleaning. An Electro Suspension Magnet is also oil cooled to keep the magnet operating efficiently and to disperse the heat and operate in the high ambient temperatures. The Suspension Magnet is custom designed and manufactured at Master Magnets purpose built facility in the UK at Redditch (near Birmingham).

The Bulk Terminal was impressed with Master Magnets knowledge of the application, and were keen to get the magnet in full operation, so consequently an order was placed with Master Magnets for two suspension magnets. Then in 2002 the magnets were installed and the Terminal was able export clean coal free of contamination. Within that same year they were able to produce 10 million tonnes of clean coal.

The Terminal were very impressed with the Magnet, and in 2006 Mark Dow who is the electrical Superintendent at the Bulk Terminal sent Master Magnets his comments and gave them another enquiry;

‘‘This Bulk Terminal purchased two type 125 OCW 40 suspension electro magnets from Master Magnets in 2002.  These magnets have performed extremely well in the time they have been installed.  Therefore, I wish to enquire as to the price and availability of an additional magnet of the same type.’’

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