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Master Magnets win the Kiverco contract


Source: Master Magnets Ltd

Master Magnets recently won the contract to supply Kiverco Recycling Systems Ltd with all of their Magnetic Separation Equipment. Kiverco are one of the leading European manufacturers of waste recycling systems and frequently require magnetic separation equipment such as Eddy Current Separators and Overband Magnets with their recycling plants. These Magnets are used to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which are often present in the product stream.

The contract was signed with Kiverco at the Recycling and Waste Management 2008 show held in September. Master Magnets have already received a considerable number of orders since then for Overband magnets as well as many other products in the MasterMag range.

The company is confident that this new business partnership will be long term, due to the improvements that Kiverco will see in the quality and efficiency of the MasterMag equipment.

Adrian Coleman, M.D. writes:

“As part of our continued strategic growth we are committed to developing Master Magnets by forging business partnerships with all of our clients. Contracts of this size are particularly important and we are delighted that Kiverco have chosen us over the competition”.

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