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Mastermag drum refurbished after 20 years in operation


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At Master Magnets, separation equipment supplied to customers is always of the highest manufacturing quality. This ensures that the units will provide not only the best possible levels of separation but will also ensure a very long operational life.

Recently, Master Magnets were contacted by a steel recycling company based in Israel. The company had an Electromagnetic Drum Separator that was installed within their plant for the removal of ferrous materials present in their shredded scrap metal. The Drum was no longer performing the way it had done in its previous years of operation and was in need of some repair.

Master Magnets had not dealt with the company directly before but after obtaining some further information on the model that they had, were able to establish that the ‘Fragmentiser Drum’ was manufactured and supplied over 20 years ago to UK-based company Edgar Allen Ltd. Edgar Allen had purchased the drum as part of a complete steel recycling plant that they were required to supply to their client.

Mastermag assured the company that despite the age of the original unit, restoring the Electromagnetic Drum would prove just as effective as manufacturing a brand new model, but at a significantly cheaper cost.

The company were keen to get the Drum restored to an ’as new’ condition and have it back working in their plant as soon as possible. An order was placed for the repair of the Drum and within a week, the unit had arrived at Master Magnets for inspection.
Full electrical and mechanical reports were made on the condition of the Drum and once totally disassembled, the detailed inspection revealed that one of the coils was completely inoperable. The findings from the inspection were reported to the technical staff at Mastermag so that work could begin on what was to be one of the largest refurbishment jobs undertaken by Master Magnets in their 30 year history.

Improved manufacturing techniques now used in the production of modern Electromagnetic Drums were implemented throughout the renovation process, which included the latest conductor and insulation materials and a highly wear resistant drum cover.

Once the Drum had been totally re-assembled, fabricated and re-painted, the Drum was put on test for 24 hours. As part of this process, Master Magnets tested the drums magnetic strength before returning it to the customer to ensure that it met the performance standards, expected from the Mastermag range of Electromagnetic Drum Separators.

The Drum has now been returned to Israel and has been re-installed into the steel processing plant for what we are sure will be another 20 years of reliable operation.

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