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Mastermag take on competitors Eddy current repairs


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With Eddy Current Separators becoming a ‘must have’ in the recycling industry, many companies are purchasing new units for their plants to maximise their profits. However, at the moment it is understandably very difficult for companies to invest in new units and many are now choosing to refurbish and repair their existing Eddy Currents to ensure that the highest levels of separation are achieved, for the lowest possible cost.

Refurbishing Eddy Current Separators can be a very cost effective alternative to purchasing new units. This is because Eddy Currents usually only become inoperable from damage to the magnetic rotor. Depending on the type and the extent of a rotors’ damage however, repairs from Master Magnets can cost as little as 4% of a brand new unit but will ensure that the same level of performance is still achieved.

Master Magnets repair and refurbish rotors that originate from many different manufacturers. In fact, the majority of the rotors that Master Magnets receive for repairs, were designed and manufactured by other Magnetic Separation equipment suppliers from around the world.

The Master Magnets range of Eddy Current Separators are all manufactured using a concentric rotor design, however this design represents only one of two designs that are currently used to manufacture the Eddy Current Separator units of today. The other type of rotor design that companies utilise in the manufacture of their ECS units is known as the eccentric rotor design.
From many years of research into the concentric and eccentric rotor designs and many practical experiments, the Mastermag engineers have obtained a vast amount of experience and the high level of expertise which is required to carry out effective repairs on all types of ECS rotors.

Recently Master Magnets were contacted by one of the UKs’ major recycling companies that wanted to refurbish one of their ECS rotors. Again, the rotor was not originally manufactured by Master Magnets and was not of the concentric design. The company however, chose not to send their unit to the OEM but instead wanted Master Magnets to carry out the rotor repair.

The rotor has now been returned to the customer after the successful completion of the repairs and the unit has been in full operation for several months.

The recycling companys’ Plant Manager commented:

“The Eddy Current rotor that we sent in to Master Magnets wasn’t in great shape. The quality of Mastermags’ workmanship though is second to none and when we received the rotor back, it was as good as new.”

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