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Mattress waste management technology introduced to Asia market

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What we can get from recycling mattress waste

Mattress waste is a kind of bulky waste which is not easy to deal with. Generally mattress is made of cloth, sponge, metal spring, wood and other materials. As mattress is an essential item for every family, a great deal of mattress waste are produced every day to the city. How to turn such massive mattress waste into valuable items? European countries has many years of mattress waste management and their mattress waste technology is more mature. This article will focus on European mattress waste management technology to see how European people deal with their used mattress.

Difficulties in traditional mattress waste management

Due to different sizes and structural differences, present European mattress waste technology still can not achieve fully automated sorting. The mainstream mattress waste process technology in Europe uses artificial auxiliary machinery to decompose mattresses waste. In particular, Chinese mattresses are featuring a wide range of specifications, a variety of kinds like ordinary sponge mattresses, spring mattresses, silk mattresses, wooden frame with a custom mattress, etc. Facing such difficulties, the process of sorting is hard to achieve fully automated sorting.

Current fully automated mattress waste management dismantling system

A few years ago a Dutch company developed a fully automated waste mattress dismantling system which was designed for the standard sponge and spring mattresses. The following is an example of this automatic mattress dismantling system:

Composition analysis:

  • Mechanical feeding system
  • Artificial auxiliary mechanical dismantling system
  • Dust removal system, fresh air system
  • Conveyor system
  • Sorting material diversion system
  • Lightweight packaging system
  • Wire separation, shredding system

Harden developed advanced mattress waste management technology for Asia market

The example system above has been in operation in Europe for many years. As it shows from the diagram and the number of devices, such kind of fully automated waste mattress dismantling system is expensive. Comparing this fully automated mattress waste dismantling system with the current situation in China, there is a huge difference between this system and the domestic mainstream programs, we can say this kind of system will be hard to be popularized.

In the second half of this year, Harden technology team focuses on studying how to combine the advanced European mattress waste management technology with the actual local needs so as to develop a technology that can be applied to dispose domestic mattress waste.

To develop more advanced and suitable mattress waste management technology, Harden German CTO and Chinese team of engineers made a special trip to the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy and other European countries for several weeks to have a deep exploration of the most advanced mattress waste recycling technology. After communication and technology exchange between Chinese and foreign experts, we not only understand the latest technology after upgrading, and have already formed a unique economic and efficient bulky waste management program.

More mattress waste management information will be shown in May 2018 Shanghai World Expo.

Actually now the new bulky waste ideas is already in the real order production phase. Compared with the mature technology in Europe and the common practice in China, Harden system is essentially optimized for the needs of sanitation company personnel, investment and site requirement.

To offer the most reliable and economical solution for our customer is the core value of Harden company. The details of harden updated bulky waste management system will be released in May 2018 Shanghai World Expo. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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