Max Green Enters Deal Worth 800 Million Rupees With India to Reduce Carbon Emissions in ECCO2 Program


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NEW DEHLI, INDIA -- (Marketwire) -- 08/10/10 -- Maximumm Green Pty Limited, an authorized vendor for Fuel Concepts Pty Limited (Sydney, Australia) has entered a cooperation with public and commercial vehicle fleet agencies in India to reduce carbon emissions through ECCO2 carbon offset program.

Gagan Singh, Managing Director of Maximumm Green India (New Delhi, India) comments, 'We are excited to be helping Indian businesses to save a lot of money while they are saving the environment, by working with them to help them understand ECCO2. We believe that with its dynamic and rapidly expanding economy, and with India's historic emphasis on environmental responsibility, this program is perfect for India'.

Currently there are about 3,000 public fleet vehicles and 6,700 commercial trucks throughout India that have chosen to participate in ECCO2's war on carbon emissions by use of ECCO2 and ECO Systems patent technology on each vehicle within the fleets. The current ECCO2 participants are projected to offset over 1 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions produced by fleet vehicles over the next 10 years, thus will create hundreds of job opportunities within India; A carbon offset project valued at over 800 million Rupees (AUD $18.9 million).

Peter Carr, CEO of Maximumm Green (Sydney, Australia) states, 'India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and growing Indian businesses need a product that can help them meet national and international carbon reduction targets. ECCO2 is probably the best solution to meet their needs'.

Carr's statement is followed by remarks from Cary Lee Peterson, President of Fuel Concepts Pty Limited (Sydney, Australia) who comments, 'Ten thousand fleet vehicles are an excellent start since a week when we had introduced the ECCO2 Program to India. Joshi and Partap Transport are just a few of several other India-based fleet agencies to join ECCO2. It will be exciting to see the results of the ECCO2 Program n India over the next 10 years'.

About Maximumm Green

Maximumm Green is one of the world's leading eco technology commercialization and implementation companies. We work with local and international companies with eco aspirations, delivering expert, individualized advice and support across a range of commercialization and implementation service areas, including: strategic consulting, market development, product development, operations and fulfillment management, and government and industry liaison. The company's aim is to empower businesses and consumers in adopting clean technology to reduce carbon emissions. (For more details visit

About ECCO2

Fuel Concepts Pty Limited and DBS Distributors, Inc. are worldwide distributors of the ECCO2 and ECO Systems product line. The company's patent technologies have been used by several government and commercial fleet agencies over the past 9 years, thus reducing greenhouse gases output by motor vehicles and fossil fuel generators all over the world. ECCO2 (Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide) Project was launched in July of 2010 as a multi-billion investment plan with various banks and private investors with interests to develop and trade over 400 million carbon emission offset futures through use of ECCO2 and ECO Systems products from 2010 through 2020. (For more details visit or

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