MAX300 LG: Fast Transient Gas Analyser

The new MAX300 LG Fast Transient Gas Analyser System (FT-GAS) for rapid response analysis of time varying evolved gas processes, including pulsed gas studies of catalyst reactions, isotopic transient kinetic analyis and respiratory physiology. The analyser features an application specific 2m capillary inlet delivering a T90 time response of just 85 milliseconds and the ability to measure up to 20 gas components per stream over the concentration range 100% to 10ppb. With a data collection rate for individual points of just 80 microseconds and measurement precision of 0.0025% on a 1% signal, the system addresses the most demanding industrial and research applications alike. The FT-GAS is powered by Questor5 quantitative analysis control platform which features fully automated analysis routines that measure and deconvolute background gas interferences and overlapping fragment peaks. This is combined with automatic calibration stream analysis and a 180 component internal fragment pattern library to deliver single click quantitative analysis.

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