MAX300-LG MIMS: Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer


With immediate effect Henniker Scientific Ltd. of Warrington, England announce the release of the new MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer system.

The instrument is a bench-top quadrupole gas analyser with temperature controlled membrane cell inlet. The membrane cell allows enrichment of many gases and dissolved gases in liquids via nano-scale permeation and subsequent evapouration into the mass spectrometer ion source. Enrichment factors of x100 are common for many compounds, extending the ultimate detection limit of the instrument to the parts per trillion level. This is combined with automatic calibration stream analysis and a 180 component internal fragment pattern library to deliver single click quantitative analysis of unlimited components with a cyle time of 300msec per component.

The MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer is perfecty suited for research and development in diverse application areas including UHP gas analysis and ambient air monitoring.

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