MAX300 LG: Quantitative Laboratory Gas Analyser


With immediate effect Henniker Scientific Ltd. of Warrington, England announce the release of the MAX300 LG Quantitative Gas Analyser.

Quantitative Gas Analysis, performed with precision, accuracy and repeatability, demands an analyser with exceptional stability & repeatability characteristics coupled with an inlet system and analysis methods that can handle routine calibrations and background gas subtractions. The MAX300 LG Quantitative Gas Analyser provides all this in a compact and fully automated benchtop
laboratory instrument.

The analyser is configured with our highest specification 19mm quadrupole rod set, dual Faraday cup/Electron Multiplier detectors, temperature stabilised ion source, and 4 channel chemically inert auto-controlled inlet valve (expandable to 16 streams). It is powered by Questor5 quantitative analysis control platform which features fully automated analysis routines that measure and deconvolute background gas interferences and overlapping fragment peaks. This is combined with automatic calibration stream analysis and a 180 component internal fragment pattern library to deliver single click quantitative analysis of unlimited components with a cyle time of300msec per component.

The MAX300-LG is perfecty suited for research and development in diverse application areas including catalysis and thermal analysis, fermentation, UHP gas analysis and ambient air monitoring.

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