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Maximal exploitation of Eddy Current Separator


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It separates non-ferrous metals from various type of recyclable material, but separation purity depends first of all on machine’s magnetic power, which is transformed to eddy current. Higher magnetic power - higher separation purity.

Not all Eddy Current Separators have the same separation results as various manufacturers achieves different magnetic power with their engineering solutions.

If you choose Eddy Current Separator with enough power, you could easily apply it almost in all recycling cases (approx. from 2 mm to 400 mm sized materials separation: Municipal Waste, Electronic Waste, Demolition Waste, Grinded Plastic & Rubber, Wood shaves, Foundry sand, Incinerator ash
and wherever metals can be found) and experience such results as high separation purity - up to 98% and no loss of valuable material - which is a problem with metal detectors or separators with sensors.

If you need 100% pure separation of your inert materials, metal detector installation after Eddy Current Separator could be a solution. When the biggest part of non-ferrous metals is separated, there is no risk to loose much of valuable material together with elimination of the rest metal pieces.

Cost effectiveness, mechanical stability and simple maintenance is another big value of the machine, but varies according the manufacturer. The most important and expensive part is a magnetic rotor, where good protections of magnets and of the rotor guarantees long durability of magnetic power and simple maintenance of the machine. Simple wear components changing of the machine saves time and cuts the costs down.

Summarizing, with right Eddy Current Separator you can have a great value, as it is cost effective, provides high separation purity, requires simple maintenance and can be used in almost all recycling cases, where non-ferrous metals have to be extracted.

Cogelme is continually working on development of this machine. Today presents 3 different models to maximize separation of different types of materials. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to be contacted by you.

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