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MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. Names Goble Sampson Associates, Inc. as Manufacturer´s Representative


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Sanford, Florida (PRWEB) March 05, 2013 -- MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. the leader in biogasification systems for wastewater treatment, has appointed Goble Sampson Associates, Inc. to represent MaxWest in western portions of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Goble Sampson Associates has over 50 years of experience representing manufacturers of water and wastewater process equipment. Goble Sampson’s water and wastewater experience covers all phases of projects, from construction through to operation and maintenance. Additionally, Goble Sampson’s industry knowledge spans the entire treatment plant process, from screening through to pumping to biosolids processing, as well as specialty areas.

Goble Sampson’s experience in, and knowledge of, the water and wastewater market has given them an excellent track record in providing solutions to wastewater treatment plant owners and operators. They are well positioned to represent the MaxWest gasification technology in the western region of the United States. “We are thrilled to be working with Goble Sampson and are looking forward to working with them as we expand our operations,” says MaxWest Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Snyder.

Dave Ritter, President and CEO for Goble Sampson, had this to say, “Goble Sampson Associates is excited to partner with MaxWest Environmental to provide waste to energy projects in western regions of the United States. We see this as an area of growth for our company and believe this will be a very profitable partnership for the foreseeable future.

About MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.

MaxWest operates the only commercially-proven, dedicated biosolids gasification facility in the United States. The facility has served commercial customers since 2009, processing over 23,000 wet tons of biosolids. The proprietary biosolids gasification system applies a thermo-chemical conversion of the wastewater residuals to generate thermal energy. This renewable energy is then recovered to reduce or eliminate other energy sources, providing energy savings and biosolids destruction for customers.

The MaxWest Biosolids Gasification System offers a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional biosolids management options: incineration, landfill, and land application. The disposal of biosolids is a growing burden on communities due to stricter permitting requirements, increased landfill tip fees, volatile energy prices, and high transportation costs—all of which create cost uncertainty. The MaxWest technology provides a sustainable and cost-effective biosolids management option and reduces the inlet volume by over ninety percent.

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