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May Day Awards in People  Weihua Cranes Worker Honored National Model worker

National model worker honorary certificate                          National model worker Wu Qingfu - Weihua Cranes
On April 28, as one of China hundreds of millions of workers representative, Weihua Cranes front-line worker Wu Qingfu entered the People’s Great Hall with aflame mood, take part in the international labor day celebration meeting held by China General Union, and received by President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders.
Weihua Cranes award the national labor medal is not an accident, Weihua Cranes in the ongoing technological innovation on crane manufacturing, GLQ40 AC frequency conversion port wheel crane, 800 tons with span 185m gantry crane, 2 x 400 tones gate hoist crane, especially in China 863 'new intelligent large grab dredger' project, innovatively complete wire rope wear around method, solve the crane industry problem of long and overweight wire rope wear around. Steel structure manufacture innovation last year from working hours calculated by the structure weight into the technical method of calculating according to the working hours are in a leading position in China.

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