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May Day urgency to tackle climate change


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Wimborne based recruitment company re-pledge alongside 831 UK companies in the “May Day Network” for the third year, committed to combating climate change.

Allen & York, market leading recruitment specialists in the Natural and Built Environment sectors, have supported the HRH Prince of Wales May Day Business Summit on Climate Change since its launch in 2007.

The BBC featured the ‘May Day Network’ in a programme called the ‘Passionate Prince’ which outlined Prince Charles aged 60, as an active campaigner for environmental causes.

The first summit, an idea of The Prince’s, aimed to encourage businesses to work together to create and commit to a powerful agenda to tackle climate change, with the second event encouraging bosses to take steps to lower carbon emissions within their own firms.

Examples of other firms working together in the “May Day Network” include Barclays Bank, Marks & Spencer, Rolls Royce and British Airways, now creating the UK’s largest group of companies combining to help with the issue of climate change.

Allen & York will uphold their ongoing May Day pledges, because of their own commitment and beliefs in developing carbon-free and sustainable work practices, and also in support of the Prince’s vision for the business community to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Working together with Climate Care, – company providing advice to create emissions reduction credits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in various projects worldwide – Allen & York measure their emissions as one of the pledges by calculating their business travel, gas and electricity bills based on usage.

2008-2009 has seen and will foresee 40.03 tonnes of carbon offsetting. The total cost of the carbon offsetting will enable Climate Care to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere on the Company’s behalf as part of their ‘reduce and offset’ approach.

Mark Allen, Managing Director at Allen & York said, “It is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility to the environment to take accountability for the carbon emissions that we create whilst travelling to and from work and whilst in the work place.”

To fulfill an additional pledge of developing a carbon reduction plan, Allen & York brought in Envirowise – Government initiative providing practical environmental advice for business – to conduct an environmental audit to implement SMART targets to reduce their carbon footprint.

By reducing waste to landfill, increasing recycling and composting waste, reducing energy and water usage and reducing car usage; Allen & York offset their travel carbon emissions and energy employed to run the business, sticking to a strict carbon neutral commitment that guides decision making, planning and business development.

The members of the “May Day Network” have made more than 5,000 pledges so far to take immediate action to help conquer climate change before it is too late.

To ensure ongoing support and commitment within member companies, a Board-Level Champion had to be identified.

Allen & York’s Founder/Managing Director put himself forward as Board-Level Champion. This is a clear indication of their commitment to the Network and passion for the environment, he said, “After all, this is the reason we established our company, to help support and facilitate the successful progression of individuals who have a positive impact on the management of our built and natural environments, our health and safety and our quality of life.”

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