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May is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month


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Salem, NY -- Scientific studies estimate that 16% of the population suffers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which is also known as a toxic injury of chemical origin. MCS affects both genders, all races, all income levels, all education levels and anyone could be permanently and totally disabled by it.

MCS is thought to be caused by chronic low level chemical exposures or an acute toxic exposure to a contaminant such as pesticide, carbon monoxide, an number of industrial chemicals, and 'sick' buildings. Once affected, victims suffer permanent irreversible damage that causes a myriad of symptoms in multiple body organs and ranges from seizures and respiratory difficulty to headache, sore throat, asthma-like symptoms, and more.

“This is particularly significant when one considers that this conditions impact an estimated 16% of the population as opposed to 6% who are affected by diabetes, which most Americans are familiar with, costing billions in treatments, lost income due to missing work and absenteeism from school,” said Lourdes Salvador, Founder and President of MCS America. “No one is immune to developing MCS. All it takes is one accident,” added Salvador who is also the cheif editor of MCS America News.

Dr. Martin Pall, PhD of Washington State University Department of Molecular Biosciences, regards MCS as being related to other multi-system diesases including chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which was recently recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who cites chemcial sensitivities as a symptom of CFS. MCS substantially limits the ability of it's victims to live normal lives, work, attend school, shop, and socialize as a myriad of common items generally recognized as safe cause dangerous reactions. These items include fragrances found in perfumes, lotions, soaps, and laundry products as well as cleaners, pesticides, diesel, news print, new carpets, and many other items encountered in day to day living.

Salvador and other members of MCS America suggest that patients need more qualified medical care, increased access to public facilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and support from family and friends once afflicted while doctors need additional training and scientists need more funding for addional research into the etiology of MCS. “This is truly a crisis situation,” said Salvador. “MCS affects a persons ability to earn a living, travel, socialize, and function in our modern world in which chemicals and fragrances are impossible to avoid. Learn all you can. You could be next!”

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