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Mayonnaises and sauces production: process acceleration and AVS-100 application


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acceleration of mayonnaise production process

Scientists from PC GlobeCore have designed technologies which use electromagnetic units with ferromagnetic particles for production of low-, middle- and high-calorie sauces based on the emulsion with fat content mass from 20 to 74%.


Suggested technology allows obtaining the mayonnaise with the high degree of microbiological safety and high organoleptic indicators. Obtained mayonnaises are stable and not separate over the long period of time (3-12 month) depending from the concentration.


During processing time takes place the continuous material dispersion and homogenization. Homogenization of poor-dispersion emulsion in the working chamber leads to increasing of emulsifying capacity of emulsifiers caused by optimum molecules polarization.


Besides, application of AVS unit allows intensifying technological process thanks to exception some technological operations. As the result we can decrease the price of finished products.

More details coming soon

To obtain detailed information about application of cavitation-based machine AVS-100 for production of mayonnaise etc. please contact with Ms Oksana Bichurina via e-mail or via skype bichurina_globecore

You can also use the link to find out about implementation of AVS unit in the food industry

More about the Intensifier of Technological Process AVS-100 on

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