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Mayor`s new waste strategy criticised


Source: Materials Recycling Week

The London Assembly Environment Committee has criticised Boris Johnson’s new waste strategy for its lack of “strategic leadership”.

The strategy, released last Monday, focused on plans to reduce the amount of municipal waste sent to landfill in the capital.

Speaking to MRW, Assembly Environment Committee chair Murad Qureshi explained that, while he had no problems with the targets outlined in the strategy, he is concerned about how it will be implemented.

He said: “We support the targets outlined in the strategy but we are not sure where the strategic leadership is being given.
“It seems to be too dependent on small organisations and voluntary bodies.”

According to the strategy, reduced municipal waste will be achieved through a variety of different measures including improving recycling provision for flats and boosting London’s reuse network.

However, the Assembly Environment Committee is concerned that in order for the strategy to be a success the Mayor can’t simply rely on policies being implemented at a local level.

Mr Qureshi said: “A lot of the measures in the report have got a place but there are key things which need to be met first.

“Strategic leadership from the Mayor would make sure things like this can get off the ground. We have no problem with the targets themselves, just the over-reliance on voluntary and local measures.”

However, not everyone shares these views. The London Community Resource Network was quick to praise the progressive nature of the report.

LCRN chief executive Matthew Thomson said: “This is a big step forward and it’s encouraging to see London on track to becoming a world class city in sustainably managing its resources.
“There is huge economic, social and environmental potential here, and I look forward to working with the Mayor and all the boroughs in implementing this new strategy.”

The waste strategy is due to be reviewed in detail by the Assembly Environment Committee on February 9 at City Hall.

Mayor`s new waste strategy criticised

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