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MBR Membrane Bioreactor Design with AQUA DESIGNER


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AQUA DESIGNER now contains the complete design of MBR-plants with machines, membranes, cross flow etc. In AQUA DESIGNER you can design different processes parallel and compare the results directly.

25.06.2019, Nattenheim -- AQUA DESIGNER is one of the standard design programs for activated sludge plants in Germany and worldwide. The range of tools has been extended over the last few years to all important procedures and procedural stages.

-  Sand trap as ventilated sand and fat catcher or round sand trap.

-  Primary clarifier as rectangular or round basin.

-  Aeration as continuous flow or SBR with common container shapes.

-  Sludge treatment as anaerobic treatment or aerobic stabilization.


Many guidelines have been incorporated into the software:

-  ATV-DVWK-A 131, May 2016

-  ATV-DVWK-A 198, April 2003

-  DWA-A 202, May 2011

-  DWA-M 210, July 2009

-  DWA-A 226, August 2009

-  DWA-M 229-1, September 2017

-  DWA-M 368, June 2014

-  DWA-M 260, October 2017

-  DWA-M 227,


New Version AD 9.0 available


2      New in AD 9.0

-  New Standard M 227, Membrane Bioreactor

 In the current update version 9.0, we added a very detailed way of design for Membrane Bioreactor Plants.

The two common kinds of arrangement are available, modules in the activated chamber or modules in separate chambers.

The design is supported by standard values according to the M 227 and by data banks, containing membranes of suppliers, blowers for cross flow and pumps for permeat pumping.

Selecting Modules and designing cross flow and permeat pumping.

Biological Volume and Treatment Parameters

Evaluating the oxygen demand and designing the aeration equipment

True scaled drawing of the activated chamber with equipment


After completing the design of a Membrane Bioreactor the additional tools are available.


Also for MBR you can add 

anaerobic or aerobic sludge treatment

operational cost

Oxygen efficiency

Machine list

And the other engineering tools of AQUA DESIGNER

The flow diagram is in preparation


New in AD 8.3
-  New Standard MSIG, Malaysian Sewerage Industry Guidelines

-  New Standard Metcalf & Eddy for load, primary sedimentation and clarifiers

-  Automatically generated machine and measuring list

-  Automatically generated flow diagram

-  Excel Export for the documentations

In the version 8.3, we added a Machine List and a Flow Diagram.


After completing a project design including sand- and grease chamber, primary sedimentation, activated chamber, clarifier and return sludge pumping you can add other process steps via the component selection.

The selected steps with a typical set of machines and all the machine data chosen during the design process are listed in the machine list. Also for the measuring equipment a list can be generated. Part of this is also a plant identification system. By this index every machine can be identified in the lists and in the flow diagram.

Based on the design and the selections a flow diagram is generated suitable to the way of calculation.


See also on youtube at  

 New in AD 8.2
Continuous adaptation and improvement of the Design and SBR systems through the standard DWA-M 229-1. The following changes have been introduced into leaflet DWA-M 229-1:

·  Case 3: The minimum air volume is calculated using a different approach.

·  SOTR: The necessary oxygen supply SOTR was modified in particular with regard to the salt content.

·  Operating air quantity Q1: The formula for the operating air quantity Q has not been changed.

·  This applies to the design of SBR systems.

The modified formulas are listed in detail in the manual for the current version.

See - software or -download

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