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Mc2 signs cooperation agreement with thiess for opportunities in Australasia


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Calgary Alberta -- McMillan-McGee Corp. Announces Exclusive Co-operation Agreement with Thiess Services to Bring ET-DSP™ Technology to Australia and New Zealand

McMillan-McGee Corp (Mc2), the market leader in electromagnetic systems and services to the energy and environmental sectors, is proud to announce it has entered into an Exclusive Co-operation Agreement with Thiess Services (Thiess) to bring the most advanced thermal remediation technology to Australia and New Zealand.

Mc2 currently sells and supports a technology that is used to remediate contaminated sites called ET-DSP™ [Electro Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process] across North America. The technology is also used by E-T Energy Ltd. to produce bitumen in an environmentally friendly manner from its leases in the Athabasca Oil Sands of Northern Alberta.

ET-DSP™ uses advanced electrode design and microcontroller technology to provide unparalleled uniformity of heating in subsurface applications. On remediation projects ET-DSP™ typically removes more than 99.9% of the soil and groundwater contamination in 6 months of operations. The same technology has been applied by E-T Energy Ltd. and has successfully demonstrated bitumen recovery factors in excess of 70%. These results have been achieved while using a fraction of the energy and water of other approaches and with a much smaller environmental footprint than other production technologies.

Under the terms of the agreement Mc2 and Thiess would jointly pursue engineering, procurement, and construction of thermal remediation projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. Mc2 will design the remediation system and supply all ET-DSP™ components. Thiess will be instrumental in permitting and regulatory oversight, procurement, construction, and operations of the ET-DSPTM and supporting systems.

About McMillan-McGee Corp.

McMillan-McGee is a world leader, pioneer, and innovator in electromagnetic systems and services for clients in the energy and environmental industries. The creator of ET-DSP™, Mc2 has a client base throughout North America that includes the US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, the US EPA, E-T Energy Ltd. and several Fortune 500 companies. Mc2 offers a premier portfolio of electrical engineering, design, and data acquisition expertise delivering safe, efficient, and clean solutions to its international client base. Mc2 was founded in 1995 and operates the largest fleet of specialty Power Delivery Systems in the world.

About Thiess Services

Thiess Services [“Thiess”] is Australasia’s leading contaminated site remediation contractor, with a dedicated division of remediation professionals who have extensive practical experience with diverse ex-situ remediation technologies throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Thiess’ remediation experience began in 1984 with the rehabilitation of the Rum Jungle Uranium Mine in Australia. Since then, they have successfully remediated over 100 contaminated sites including many large contaminated brownfield sites in sensitive environments. Major remediation projects have been undertaken at gas works, hydrocarbon and chemical storage depots, defence facilities, nuclear test sites, hazardous waste dumps and landfills, metal and chemical manufacturing site, tanneries and other industrial manufacturing sites.

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