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McDonald`s goes green


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Fast food giant McDonald’s has launched a report about what it is doing to cut waste and increase recycling in its stores across the world.

The full report, Global Best of Green 2009, details around 80 environmental initiatives that the company has introduced across the world alongside a new marketing campaign.

McDonald’s chief executive Jim Skinner said: “We’re working to reduce the energy use in our restaurants and striving to decrease the impacts of our packaging with new designs and a greater use of recycled materials.”

The store aims to minimise the environmental impact of its packaging. It plans to reduce packaging usage, design for re-use and recyclability, maximise use of recycled materials and maximise end of life options such as recycling. Currently, approximately 80 per cent of McDonald’s Europe’s packaging is made from renewable sources.

McDonald’s UK environment consultant Peter Schroeder said that its restaurants are tackling litter. He said: “With its ‘Just bin it’ campaign, McDonald’s UK takes the daily effort of fighting litter a major step further. In the early summer of every year, restaurants partner up with local authorities, schools and community groups in awareness-raising, educational and clean-up actions.”

But earlier this year the Keep Britain Tidy campaign showed that almost 30 per cent of fast food litter left on Britain's streets was from McDonald’s.

In terms of recycling and waste McDonald’s are doing the following initiatives around the world:

  • McDonald’s Brazil is striving towards full ‘lifecycle’ management of restaurant generated waste;
  • Italy has found ‘superlizzy’ – a waste separation unit that helps  to reduce waste volume and time spent on waste disposal which has been installed in around 40 per cent of the restaurants;
  • Switzerland has developed PET recycling containers designed to encourage customers to recycle;
  • Germany’s restaurants have an overall recycling rate of more than 90 per cent;
  • Japan has a unique recycling factory for recycling paper cold cups;
  • Portugal recycles cooking oil;
  • And the UK is working with New Earth Solutions to recycle its waste and is trialling a scheme in Sheffield to use its waste for energy.

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