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MCERTS Certification for ambient air analysis on benzene and VOCs


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Chromatotec® is proud to announce that the FID ins­trument airmoVOC (measurement of benzene but also 12 compounds of the European list between C6 and C12) and the PID instrument airToxic (measurement of Benzene but also BTEX compounds) have obtained MCERTS certification since June 2013.

These two MCERTS certifi­cates have been delivered by SIRA Certification Service on behalf of the UK Environment Agency. They are based on the results of the tests managed by the NPL (National Physi­cal Laboratory) in London*. These types of approval tests are described in the EN 14662- 3 : 2005 “Standard method for the measurement of benzene concentrations Part 3 Automa­ted pumped sampling with in situ gas chromatography”.

These two certificates have a European acknowledgement thanks to 3 important points :

- NPL is accredited ISO 17025 for the measurement of benzene according to EN 14662-3 Standard. This accre­ditation covers laboratory tes­ting and field testing

- SIRA is in compliance with EN 15267-1 that defines pro­duct certification general principles. 

- Chromatotec® is in compliance with EN 15267-2 that defines its production conformity and the design change management. This conformity is proven by the MCERTS Manufacturing Audit that was conducted by SIRA (Report Number 16A0385A).

Chromatotec® is curently communi­cating the certificates to the national reference laboratories in charge of analysing the test reports to declare the instrument into their official list of autho­rized instruments. Mines de Douai, on behalf of the Fench Governement and Instituto Carlos III on behalf of the Spa­nish government will be the first refe­rence laboratories to analyze our test reports.

In addition Chromatotec® has writ­ten a publication in collaboration with the NPL concerning the tests which was published on the IET Annual buyers’Guide 2013.

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