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MCERTS fixed and portable FIDs to suit any budget


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MCERTS approval for the Model 3000HM has now been extended to cover the portable models 3010 MINIFID and 3030PM FID hydrocarbon analysers in the Signal range.

Anyone who has been required to measure Total Hydrocarbon emissions in the UK over the past 10 years will be aware of the Signal 3030PM portable FID. Since it was launched in 1993, the 3030PM has become the standard for VOC stack emissions testing. With all the same technology and features as the Model 3000HM, the 3030PM represents the top of the range for portable FID analysers.

In addition to these, Signal also offer a cost effective entry level portable VOC analyser, the Model 3010 MINIFID. With a simplified user interface, the 3010 is a rugged, simple, easy to use solution to testing in awkward or hard to reach areas.

John Clements, Managing Director says, “The 3000 series of hydrocarbon analysers have always been regarded as the top end of the market. Now that extensive tests carried out by the UK NPL and AEA laboratories have authenticated this status, we can concentrate on future developments of this product to further enhance its usability.”

The full range of MCERTS approved FIDs is also available for hire from our rental division. We are also currently offering great deals on the Model 3010 with 5 year service contract and extended warranty for a maintenance cost free package.

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