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MCERTS Renewed for 7200 Monitor and Turbi-Tech 2000LS Sensor


Source: Partech (Electronics) Ltd.

Partech`s TurbiTech Sensor passes again

Partech are delighted to announce that our highly regarded 7200 Monitor and Turbi-Tech 2000LS Sensor has been recertified by Sira under the MCERTS scheme.

“Partech was one of the first company’s to put in place a framework for MCERTS and we are continuing our commitment to the scheme,” reports Sales and Marketing Director Angus Fosten., “The recent audit carried out by Sira is also the start of our program to certify the WaterWatch² product range next year, this will provide a much wider range of MCERTS approved effluent monitoring instruments.”

The Partech 7200 Monitor and Turbi-Tech 2000LS has been the UK’s market leading Final Effluent monitor for many years. The combination of a highly reliable sensor, easy to use monitor and the Turbi-Tech sensor’s fully integrated self-cleaning system provide users with exceptionally low cost ownership and high confidence in the information being gathered.

In addition to supplying highly reliable product, Partech offers a full range of installation, commissioning and training services. Investment in high quality instrument should always be backed up by ensuring that the instrument is installed correctly and is well looked after.

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