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The flexibility and responsiveness of Woodland Grange was highlighted recently when it helped leading social housing repairs and maintenance provider Mears to take part in the national Macmillan Coffee Morning fund-raising event.

Managers from Mears were attending a meeting at the Centre on Friday 29 September and wanted to make sure that - though they were ‘off site’ - they could still participate and make their contribution. So at Mears’ request, Woodland Grange created a display in its coffee lounge, with banners, balloons, Macmillan promotional material and collection boxes provided by the Group.

Zoe Dawson, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Mears South said: “Mears is proud to support charitable initiatives that encourage sustainability to the live of people in its community, and taking part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning was very important to us. Although Woodland Grange provides its coffee for free, our staff persevered and raised a pleasing amount of money not only from colleagues, but other people using Woodland Grange. The Centre was very supportive indeed, and showed real commitment in helping to make the event a success.”

“The request, though slightly unusual, was an opportunity for us to show that we’re prepared to go that extra step to help our clients,” said Woodland Grange’s Conference Manager, Ann Overfield.

Mears provides rapid response and planned maintenance services to Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords. Mears deliver in excess of 2,800 repairs every day and complete over 250 Decent Homes each week to a portfolio of over 500,000 houses nation wide.

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