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Measure loudness directly with Brüel & Kjær’s Version 3 hand-held analyzer applications

Loudness, measured in Sone is the preferred way to assess and compare the perceived sound level of products that produce complex waveforms such as those produced by motors, fans, engines and many other components used in vehicle, appliance and tool markets. Now, the frequency analysis application available for the 2250 family of products includes the complex calculation of ISO 532B standard loudness and can be displayed as Sone (a linear measure of loudness) or Phon (a decibel measure of loudness).

The power of this feature in Type 2250 is amplified when combined with logging applications to store a profile of the time-varying loudness in intervals as quick as one sample per second. Sound recording and FFT narrowband analysis applications provide additional tools to assist in the development and benchmarking of products.

With an award-winning design and based on extensive research amongst sound and vibration technicians, engineers and consultants, Brüel & Kjær Types 2270 and 2250 Hand-held Analyzers are both innovative and 4th generation analyzers. Brüel & Kjær’s commitment to developing the 2250 family of instruments year after year ensures that our customers continue to have the best tools available to meet the ever-changing demands of noise and vibration measurements.

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