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Measure pH in the laminar flow


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The life science is dealing with organisms – such as microorganisms, plants, and animals. This means, germ free or sterile conditions are most important. To achieve this, the work needs to be performed in closed systems (fermentation) or under laminar flow hoods if manipulations are needed. Working material used in the flow bench needs either be sterile or can be disinfected by ethanol. Measuring instruments do not fulfill these requirements and that's why pH-value, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity or Turbidity are not measured even though these values are significant for the quality of the processes.

With our IDS wireless system we provide a solution. The electrode with the wireless module can be disinfected with ethanol and stored afterwards in the laminar flow bench. pH-measurements in 6/12-wellplates or directly in the cell culture media are now possible with the micro-electrode SenTix® Mic 980. By pressing the button on the electrode, the measured value is sent to the instrument located outside of the bench and stored. No annoying cables no contamination of germs at or in the meter. Apart from pH also Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Turbidity can be measured in fermentation processes. 

The pH measurement under a flow bench with incubated samples plays also a critical role for microbiological quality control and plant cell culture.

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