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Measure to Manage: ET launches new monitor for construction’s “dastardly dust”


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Leading air quality monitoring equipment specialist Enviro Technology Services Plc has launched a new monitor specifically developed with construction dust applications in mind.

With both the Institute of Air Quality Management and the Mayor of London recently publishing guidance on assessing dust emissions from demolition and construction sites, the launch of the new, web-enabled monitor reflects growing awareness of the impact of construction dust on air quality.

ET’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Duncan Mounsor said the company developed the new monitor in response to a surge in enquires from construction companies and quarry operators looking to measure particulates, both for nuisance dust (TSP) and public health concerns.  

 “The Mayor of London has pointed out that construction and demolition activity may be responsible for up to 15% of air pollutant emissions in the capital. The cleaning up of what he’s started to call construction’s “dastardly dust” is a key component of Johnson’s vision for improving London’s air quality,” says Duncan.

The new guidance recommends developers submit an air quality statement to the local planning authority prior to any works being carried out.

“Even when developers don’t have to consider dust as part of planning, it – along with other pollutants like noise, smoke and odour – is classed as a statutory nuisance. Forward-thinking, considerate construction companies want to mitigate against both the potential risk of abatement notices and public health concerns,” added Duncan.

ET began to source and harness cutting-edge measurement technology in 1983 against a backdrop of fledgling environmental legislation designed to track ambient air quality. Today, ET is the principal service provider on the main network used in the UK on compliance reporting against national air quality objectives, also working with around 200 UK local authorities. The CDM is targeted at the construction industry as a new market sector for ET.

Using time-proven laser forward-scatter technology and physical sharp-cut cyclones to accurately affect the PM cut-point rather than mathematically try to calculate it, the single-channel real-time particulate CDM1 monitor measures either PM10, PM2.5 or TSP depending on which inlet head is fitted.  The dual-channel CDM2 can measure PM10 (or PM2.5) and TSP simultaneously. The CDM also utilises a RH controlled “smart-heater” inlet which helps ensure that measurement problems associated with humidity, mists and fog are minimised – a problem often seen with nephelomoters – leading to far greater confidence with the measurement data.

Duncan concludes: “The CDM is a marriage of time-proven laser dust monitoring technology – as found in our other indicative dust products, such as the hugely popular MCERTS-approved E-Sampler – and web-enabled 3G data-logging, which automatically pushes the data to a web-portal where users can access the data at anytime, anyplace provided they have access to the Internet. It’s simplicity in itself to set-up and operate, and also can be set to automatically send SMS text alerts when pre-set concentration limits are breached.”

The CDM is fully weatherproof, totally self-contained and can be mounted on a wall, tri-pod or lamp post.  Built into a high-impact, high-vis case, the rugged CDM is designed to operate in tough conditions like a construction site or quarry.

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