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Measurement of gas concentration in water


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Nowadays, companies want to have an accurate control of their process in terms of efficiency and safety. As key pa­rameter for process safety, corrosion problematic is becoming crucial for some applications such as cooler systems. In this sense, high level of oxygen in cooling water is increasing cor­rosion rate.

Therefore, to decrease oxygen content in such water, an addi­tion of chemicals reagents is carried out. To control the efficien­cy of these reactions, the measurement of oxygen content in water needs to be done.

Chromatotec® has developed a specific system to degase and measure oxygen and other gases (e.g. hydrogen, nitrogen…) in dynamic water. The different gases are extracted with an inert gas (e.g. helium, argon…) and sent to the analyzer. The low detection limit (LDL) is 4 ppb of oxygen in water.

For results validation, an internal calibration system working with a Faraday cell has been developped. This system is based on a standard addition method. A well known quantity of oxygen is produced by electrochemical reaction, and then the produced oxygen content is extracted from water and measured with the analyzer. The validation of results depends on the inter-com­parison of experimental and theoretical oxygen content values.

Based on the same principle, Chromatotec® is developing elec­trochemical gases generator (e.g. H2S, Cl2, O2, H2…). These generators will give the opportunity to reach high level calibra­tion accuracy. Therefore, the whole analytical system accuracy will be improved.

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