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Measurement of noise levels for trackside workers


Source: Cirrus Research plc

Cirrus Research plc announces the introduction of a new simple Sound Level Meter, designed to ensure quick, reliable noise measurements.

Marketing Manager, James Tingay comments: “The CR:262 has been designed to meet the needs of the Safety Officer who needs an accurate measurement tool but who also needs an instrument that can be picked up and used without having to go through a complicated setup or having to read a long manual.

The introduction of the new Control Noise at Work Regulations in April 2006 has put the focus onto employers to ensure that their noise measurements and risk assessments are up to date.

The CR:262 is the ideal instrument for taking noise surveys and assessing the risk of noise exposure in the working environment.”

Three button pushes are all that are needed to calibrate, start and stop a measurement, making the CR:262 the ideal instrument for those users who need a simple noise measurement tool.

Portable and lightweight, the CR:262 can be used to assess the noise exposure of workers who are using noisy tools and processes as well as from the noise levels generated by passing trains.

The CR:262 can be supplied as a complete measurement kit, which includes all of the accessories needed to make a noise survey. If data logging and PC download are needed, the CR:262 can be upgraded to allow up to 100 measurements to be stored in the memory.

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