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Measurements on the Move

Brüel & Kjær adds ‘moving source’ software option to data analyser system

March 2011 -- Performing noise source identification on moving vehicles is now an easier process with Brüel & Kjær’s Moving Source Option.

Unlike traditional Beamforming kits, the Moving Source software follows a mobile target, instead of focusing on a single point. It tracks linear movement parallel to a planar microphone array and enables speed-position calculation from a radar signal, GPS or photocells.

Beamforming is a method of mapping noise sources using an acoustical array. It discerns the direction from which a sound originates, by means of the time delays that occur as the sound passes over an array of microphones.

This method is very quick, allowing a full map to be calculated from a single-shot measurement, making it ideal for noise source location of sound radiated from moving vehicles such as cars, Lorries and trains. Moving Source Beamforming can also be used as a troubleshooting contribution during pass-by measurements and mapping planes from the side of a vehicle.

Brüel & Kjær’s PULSE hardware provides a stable and continually evolving data analysis system, which allows users to add upgrades, rather than switching to an entirely new system, as software is developed.

On a global scale there are currently more than 9,500 PULSE systems being used - within automotive, aerospace, education and telecommunication industries - for research development and production test purposes. An overview of the complete range of measurement solutions encompassed by the PULSE system platform is given in the latest PULSE Analyser & Solutions catalogue.

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