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Measuring Light Gas Condensates with TD-560


Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is pleased to announce a new white paper on using the TD-560 to analyze concentrations of light gas condensates in produced water. The TD-560 produced quality, linear results using both the DUV and NUV channels and both hexane and S316 solvents.

Oil concentration in water can be measured using many different methods. Local government regulations usually require a specific laboratory method, which is difficult to perform in the field. Each method used will demonstrate a different sensitivity and bias to the hydrocarbon mixture that makes the oil. Additionally, only under controlled conditions will two water samples have the same oil concentration. For these reasons, when comparing the measurement of oil concentration in water samples, field and laboratory methods will produce different responses. Most methods produce a linear response to the oil concentration, allowing for a correlation curve to compare the different methods.

To download the white paper detailing the results of this correlation demonstration, click the following link or visit the Support > Documentation section of the website.

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