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Source: NIVUS GmbH

With the PCM 4 NIVUS once more is setting new standards in the field of portable flow measurement!

The PCM 4 utilises high accurate flow velocity measurement according to the ultrasonic cross correlation method. Measuring the real flow velocity profile eliminates any need to calibrate or to adjust the system on-site. The variety of sensors known from PCM Pro / OCM Pro is available for the PCM 4 as well without any limitations.

The PCM 4 has various peripheral interfaces such as a voltage output, a digital input / output and several 0/4-20 mA inputs available. These interfaces enable to easily integrate additional measurement systems into a complete detection concept. The large back-lit graphic display thanks to the clear text menus allows intuitive operation and easy parameter setting. The unit provides comprehensive diagnostic and simulation tools for initial start-up which allow to e.g. indicate the vertical velocity profile directly on the display as graph and table.

The PCM 4 has been successfully used in the following applications:

•Investigation for infiltration water
•Sampler driving
•Data logger for external signals
•Investigation of pump efficiency (simultaneous recording of pump run times and pump discharge flow volumes)
•Transmission of error messages
•Throttle verification (simultaneous measurement of basin fill level and throttle volume)
• Event monitoring (dynamic switchover between measurement cycles)
•Volume impulse circulation
•and many more

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